Welcome to Whaley Ranch!!
We serve the community in many ways! Top of the list- Creating a place for youth to build relationships, connect and learn about themselves and each other. The Ranch is a place for all to learn and create lifelong connections. The ranch has a wide variety of animals, trails, ponds and much more that provides an environment that will encourage communication and learning without being inside a building. This will show the kids and families they have so much to offer and the future is bright. Here at Whaley Ranch, the past does not determine the future. We look forward to building this into a place to help change lives.

Our outreach includes in person workshops and virtual workshops.
So whether you are local to our area or across the country we are here for you.  

Here is a sneak peek of a session we did years ago with Nepris

During this workshop students learned many
things including the difference between
horse hooves and goat hooves.

This workshop students learned about our
rabbits and what it takes to keep them healthy.

If you would like to
schedule a workshop or visit
with your group be sure to reach out!

Bacon and the rest of our
furry family would love to meet you!

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