Beginner Horse Care Course

This is a great introduction to horses for your kiddos.This class runs for 4 weeks (1 hour per week). Each class starts out with worksheets and discussion then students will use the information they learned by working with our horses.
Week 1 – Learn terminology, body parts, etc
Week 2 – Learn hoof anatomy and how to groom horses
Week 3 – Learn about feeding, nutrition, how to hold our hands / fingers when feeding treats
Week 4 – Learn about tack and then do a lead line ride.

Ages 7 and up
$149 per Student

Intermediate Horse Care Course

Just like the Beginner Horse Care course we will start each class via worksheets and discussion then work with our horses. This course is also a 4 week course that meets 1 hour per week. This course is more intense and builds on the Beginner course. 
Week 1 – Barn Management
Week 2 – Hoof Care & Grooming
Week 3 – Basic 1st Aid & Common Health Issues
Week 4 – Catch, lead & work independently with horses
Ages 7 and up
$149 per Student
*prerequisite for this course is our Beginner Horse Care Course*
We keep our classes low in numbers so each student will have a lot of time with our horses. 
To check current course schedule and sign up go HERE.
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