Gracie’s Journey was inspired by our very own Gracie. She is a rescue horse that has had a rough life. Sadly she has physical scares but has the will to live and to be loved. She is amazing with youth that are feeling ‘down’. She is a great example that no matter what life ‘throws’ at you, if you have the determination and will to keep going you will overcome your current obstacles. 

This is Gracie when she first arrived with us. She had already started her rehab at the rescue. This was her second time being mistreated and when arriving to the rescue was basically skin and bones. 

Here is Gracie after finishing her rehab with us. Back to a healthy weight and her personality came out. She is such a sweet mare and loves to be loved and give love. 

Mental health is such a big issues in todays society. We use Equine Assisted Learning to help students develop life skills such as: emotional awareness, anger management, self-esteem and more. We are not therapist. This program uses EAL and non EAL activities (arts and craft, playing catch, etc) along with a mentor to help students realize their worth and potential. 

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